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High-end aluminum alloy materials, new energy-saving building materials, automobile and motorcycle vehicle equipment manufacturi

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With the changing times, as traditional industries Qijiang old card coal mining, gear industry increasingly bleak. January 31, reporter learned from Qijiang district, the district follows the supply-side reform ideas, based on traditional strengths, through the optimization and upgrading of industry, the development of recycling economy, extend the industrial chain, the new high-end aluminum alloy materials, new energy-saving building materials, Auto vehicle equipment manufacturing industry three bright "new business card."

"Qijiang urban development zone which is the main battlefield of industrialization." Party Secretary Qijiang said, "Only five development concept throughout the entire process and all aspects of development, promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, in order to truly realize the urban development zone of strategic task. "

As an important energy base in Chongqing, the district will situ conversion of coal into electricity, the implementation of "joint ALUMINUM." It is understood that the cost of electricity is one of the decisive factors in the price of aluminum, which makes the area but no large-scale bauxite Qijiang owned aluminum nationwide price advantage.

Primary raw materials vulnerable to market price fluctuations, must be extended down the industrial chain, in order to obtain a stable market, get more profits. In this regard, the target area as a "high-end aluminum alloy materials industry clusters", the introduction of German transportation, science cloud, the Department of Cheng Aluminum, North and other downstream aluminum businesses, efforts to develop an aluminum-based automobile traffic aluminum, aluminum rail, aviation and other aluminum, has taken shape "coal - electricity - molten aluminum - aluminum synthetics," a complete industrial chain.

It is estimated that, since the entire processing chain to reduce the "solidification of molten aluminum - re-liquefaction" links, direct liquid aluminum and manufacture of various high-end aluminum products, not only liquid aluminum can save about 1,000 yuan per ton cost, but also enhance the value of one or two times. Five years later, the district will form a flag as the leading aluminum electrical energy, 10 aluminum casting enterprises, 50 enterprises of deep processing of aluminum "1 + 10 + 50" high-end aluminum alloy material industry cluster.

"We are in industrial development, adhere to the development ideas of circular economy, not only to reduce the impact on the environment, also in the high-end development of the downstream aluminum to new energy-saving building materials industry cluster representative of modern architecture." Qijiang Mayor Chen Jinshan introduction.

The concept of a change world wide. As a leading enterprise of the industrial park Qijiang flag aluminum electrical energy, the annual production of waste, cinder, dust is no longer waste, but can bring huge benefits resources: Qi electric plaster and other building materials production enterprises with these wastes production of aerated concrete blocks, cinder blocks, wall panels, etc., and formed an annual capacity of 120,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete precast production line on the basis of 10 million cubic meters of aerated concrete lightweight gypsum board, the southwestern region only gypsum board production line 600,000 square meters of glass curtain wall production line. Thus, modern building industrial clusters in Qijiang has been significantly shape.

It has a "Western Gear city" flagship piece, Qijiang strong foothold equipment manufacturing talent and technological advantages, extend the industrial chain to the vehicle, focusing on the development "money scene" vast new energy automobile and motorcycle manufacturing. Currently, he settled in the park Sunburn Yan annual export power to Europe, Southeast Asia and more than 20,000 hybrid motorcycle; end of this year, focusing on the production of new energy bus industry will be put into the ear opening in Qijiang River Bridge Industrial Park, an annual output of energy to 5000, the second phase to reach 20 000 ...... these new energy automobile enterprises as a leader by working to keep the vehicle manufacturing gear extended, and gradually built up the vehicle key components supporting the industrial structure, to achieve complete equipment manufacturing industry cluster upgrade, the western region has become the core vehicle and motorcycle parts manufacturing base.

"In this new card for the main three, plus the new energy industry and agro-industry, 5 years after the Qijiang industrial output will strive to exceed 100 billion yuan." Qijiang industrial park official said.

Equity Code:000066
Address: Henan Province Xingyang Wulong industrial agglomeration area