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Aluminum people, but also to be prepared to face the music

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Can be prepared, the music business is not at heart, long-term stability and stable development should have a positive attitude, it is the cornerstone of enterprise development and growth.

Since the international financial crisis in 2008, the rapid decline in aluminum prices, market conditions become more severe, until today Aluminum "winter" soon, China's aluminum industry has had one after another year of ups and downs in the market, we Aluminum also resolved one by one crisis after the past can think about these things, these crises on Chinese aluminum industry is concerned may not be entirely a bad thing.

First, once a crisis exercise more aluminum business, aluminum also allow these companies have no impregnable position and advantage in the world, whether it is overseas or directly buy ore direct investment in areas rich in mineral resources construction, China is the leader in aluminum prices in a time of crisis contrarian carve out brilliant achievements, each of these companies during the crisis has taken a different strategy and tactics, but have contributed to the Chinese aluminum industry based on the world and among the forefront of peers.

Secondly, an industry crisis times from the source also contain live Chinese aluminum prices soaring situation. During 2005, 2006, either alumina or aluminum industry, aluminum industry has reached the peak of the industrial history of the most glorious, but the aluminum industry brilliant and huge profits raised a lot of money coveted, and scrambling to join this industry, so the expansion of illegal construction production after another, and even failed to file injunctions regulation takes effect, unable to control capacity eventually lead to a crisis, however, is this a time of industry crisis curbed aluminum from the source industry soaring situation, thereby reducing losses due to greater caused serious soaring.

Again, the crisis also allow more "high consumption" aluminum enterprises realize cost efficiency and throat future development of enterprises. Huge profits, although production had led to the great development of China's aluminum business, but also condoned some companies extensive production and management. Both in terms of cost of production of raw materials required, or in respect of other materials and other production needs are not made great progress as the number of companies like aluminum, aluminum and crisis more people aware of the importance of cost reduction and efficiency when promoting the business market brilliant cut costs, time and market downturn Forced reducing cost and increasing both the achievements of China's aluminum industry to grow today, the future success of the tough China Aluminum.

There is also a time of crisis has also been vigilant rapid development of China's aluminum industry, and that is with respect to the "quantity", the future of "quality" is the development of China's aluminum industry, Alcoa is people should pursue. Although China's aluminum production in just a few years it has jumped to first in the world, but we are up to produce some low-end products, raw materials and primary products or even products that not only large investment and high energy consumption, and low profits, for example, the same quality of aluminum, if they are processing into high technology content processing devices, such as aviation parts, its price is much higher than the stock price we offer, we can see the "quality" of the Chinese aluminum industry in terms of promotion to crucial.

Therefore, the industry "winter" China's aluminum industry, the pros and cons of each, crisis is not only capable of destroying enterprises, but also be able to dig out more business potential. Crisis has prompted the Chinese aluminum enterprises to deepen reform, but also allow more aluminum prices become more powerful, it can be said again and again the industry crisis continue to remind China Aluminum Man "warily", but also the Chinese people once Chalco once aware of their shortcomings and weaknesses.

So, business, industry experienced ups and downs is not terrible, terrible to after the storm but can not draw more experience and lessons learned, Chinese people should be vigilant but also to Chalco courage, as long as the industry is still developing, as long as the company is still operating surplus or deficit are the norm, it is important from a loss in the lessons, keep improving the profitability of.

Equity Code:000066
Address: Henan Province Xingyang Wulong industrial agglomeration area